Edu and Chas, circa 2016

I have always been a huge film fan, but my interest in CG started way back when I first saw “Jurassic Park” on the cinema. Since then, I tinkered on my own, starting with Autodesk Animator and the MSDOS versions of 3D Studio, and self-learned a few things.

It wasn’t until years later, after quitting my studies and realising I wasn’t on the path I would really like, that I decided to focus and study CG. Several years later, my studies and experience have made me a CG generalist, experienced in modeling, animation, rigging, and lots of different stuff. Even texturing and some render work (despite being mildly color blind!).

At the same time I was working on my CG career, I have always been collaborating with indie filmmakers on several short films, doing all sorts of stuff, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to almost co-directing and basically doing a bit of everything on set (that’s guerrilla filmmaking for you!).

The combination of my CG experience with my passion for cinema, finally led me to discover and embrace the world of film previsualization, and I’m currently following that path working as Freelance Previsualization Artist at companies such as The Third Floor Inc.

I have ended with a text way more formal than I wanted, so I’ll just say that I cook an awesome lasagna, and I make silly faces whenever someone points a camera at me.